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Fields Center Clinic: An Innovative Multidisciplinary Autism Treatment Center

At Fields Center we know that it is incredibly difficult for parents and individuals to find services in places designed for people with autism, and even harder to find multidisciplinary providers all in that same space. Fields Center gives families and individuals a quality of service they literally cannot find anywhere else.

The growing number of individuals affected by autism is sometimes called a "public health crisis." But the real crisis is the pervasive lack of acceptance and inclusion for these individuals, as well as a tendency for leaders to choose quick fixes over long-term solutions.

The Fields Center builds on years of research and Evidence-Based Practices to offer an innovative long-term and sustainable solution to the REAL crisis. We do three things that no one else does:

  • We identify qualified professionals to provide effective and efficient supports and services to this population.
  • We use the co-working model to giving our professionals a community of providers and innovative co-treatment space.
  • We solve the problems of isolation and ineffective services that plague so many well-meaning providers.

Fields Center services include:

  • Speech-Language Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Assistive Technology
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
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