Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We envision a world where individuals on the spectrum have the resources as well as the support they need to become their best selves.

We value in-person, face-to-face service delivery; however, it can be logistically challenging to get to in-office appointments. Advances in technology, a higher comfort level using online communication platforms, and the convenience of connecting from home increasingly make telehealth more viable and more desirable.

Fields Center delivers innovative, high-quality virtual training, counseling, and clinical Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to parents, caregivers, and professionals who support individuals on the spectrum.

Do you have questions about your child’s behavior, development, or diagnosis? Looking for next steps, ideas, and direction? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Jennifer Bogin, M.S.E.d, BCBA, LBA

Fields Center Founder & CEO

Jennifer Bogin was Board Certified as a Behavior Analyst in 2004 after earning her master’s degree in behavioral education from Simmons College. As such, her clinical methods are grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis with eclectic features that capitalize on intentional relationships and social routines. Jennifer’s work is often praised as being “exactly what we needed” and “meeting us where we were at.”

Her personal journey and, ultimately, her career path were seemingly chosen for her when at 10 years-old she met Mitchell, a sweet, engaging five-year-old with autism who loved all things Disney. Jennifer quickly began learning from Mitchell and exploring ways to connect with him so he could learn.

When Jennifer was a teenager, her interests in autism deepened through the adoption of her brother Christopher who had significant social and behavioral needs and Developmental Disabilities. As Jennifer recounts; “having a brother with such significant needs wasn’t always easy but it taught me how to connect, persevere, and ultimately be a better professional.” Christopher currently lives with his partner in New York and has a small child who is also diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Jennifer’s life has been filled with interactions with people on the spectrum and fostering new, more effective ways to help them develop. She has served hundreds of individuals with autism, their families, and their caregivers throughout her career. Her decision to launch the Fields Center has resulted in her ability to reach and impact many more people who need her. She also works with children, adults, families, agencies, and schools through her private practice.

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What’s in the Name?

Frederick Douglas ‘Rick’ Fields was a journalist, poet and leading authority on Buddhist history and development in the United States. He was also Jennifer Bogin’s uncle and a truly inspirational figure in her life. He died of lung cancer in 1999. Rick’s words always spoke to Jennifer but none more than the quote: “When we pay attention, whatever we are doing is transformed and becomes part of our spiritual path.” By creating the Fields Center, Jennifer is able to devote her life to the broader autism community and honor Rick’s life.