When individuals are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), parents and caregivers receive almost no information or guidance to support them.

When an individual with ASD is in transition—starting or finishing a school year, aging out of services, or starting a vocational path—parents and caregivers are often not even aware of the support they and their loved ones need. Google, a common default resource, offers general information, but not the local, state, or regional specifics. The ASD service landscape can be confusing, cumbersome and is ever-changing.

The Family Navigation Telehealth Program is a one-on-one, consultative program that helps parents and caregivers on their journey to support their loved one with ASD. We do this by creating a custom plan based on the individual with ASD so they can access the care and services they need.

During our first session, we will discuss the current situation, determine the appropriate and available care and services and then, together, we’ll make a plan. The plan may include recommendations for increasing effectiveness of existing programs in place, accessing new home-based services and supports, working with schools and advocating for individuals with autism, and more. This first session will inform the number of sessions needed to execute the plan. If we move forward, there is a three-session minimum, which are typically held weekly for a duration of one hour.


Cost: The initial session is free of charge. Follow up sessions are typically $120 each. During this time of COVID-19, we recognize that some people have been put in a hard position financially. For the foreseeable future, we are offering a sliding scale of $120 to $85 per session. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept insurance for this program, but during our work together we will help navigate to insurance covered services.

Virtual Meeting Platform: We typically hold sessions via Zoom. By request, we can also conduct sessions via a HIPPA compliant platform.

Next Step:Please contact us to set up an appointment and to discuss you and your loved one’s needs and goals.