One of the most common concerns from parents and caregivers of individuals on the autism spectrum is how isolated and lonely their loved ones are.

As one parent recently wrote, "I'm concerned about my child's ability to make and maintain healthy social relationships, now more than ever." In this time of social distancing the problem has only gotten more pressing. For many children and teens on the spectrum, without the sports, clubs, and structured social groups that schools offer, they become isolated and regress in their social and emotional skills.

Fields Center Virtual Social Connection Groups are for individuals on the autism spectrum ages seven to adult. Each Social Connection Group is comprised of three to five individuals around similar age. Groups provide social learning through developmentally appropriate games with a focus on social communication, emotional regulation, finding common interests, and practicing self-advocacy.

Topics for groups may include:

  • Making and sustaining friendships
  • Emotional resiliency and self-advocacy
  • Recognizing social cues
  • Interpreting facial expressions
  • Handling teasing and bullying
  • Pragmatic language skills
  • Whole body listening
  • Recognizing emotions in self & others
  • Developing shared interests

The groups meet for an hour on Zoom, weekly for eight weeks. This format also helps participants to become prepared for future virtual learning classes and meetings.

While the Fields Center Social Connections groups are designed for individuals with ASD, a diagnosis is not required to participate. Individuals with other social/behavioral challenges such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or any related disorder could benefit from the group. Groups can be inclusive (with typically developing children) or specialized (all participants have disabilities) depending on need and availability.

Now Running Social Connection Groups for:

  • Young Children (5-7 Years)
  • Elementary School (8-12 Years)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Post-Secondary (21+)

Cost: The cost to participate in a Fields Center Social Connection Group is $240 for the eight sessions. If joining a Social Connection Group after the program has begun, the cost will be prorated based on the number of remaining Group sessions.

Virtual Meeting Platform: The Field Service Social Connection Group sessions are held via Zoom.

Next Step: Please contact us to discuss the current group offerings, you and your loved one’s needs and your hopes for moving forward. We will make every effort to ensure successful outcomes for all.