Consultation and Staff Development 

Traditionally, Fields Center has assisted schools and agencies in designing effective programming and coaching through a combination of real-time videoconferencing and on-site consultation. Due to COVID-19, Fields Center currently provides consultation and staff development fully via real-time videoconferencing. We will resume offering on-site consultation as communities recover from COVID-19.

For more than a decade, Fields Center has been partnering with organizations delivering care and services to individuals with ASD and related neurodevelopmental disabilities. We follow a coaching model that provides consultative support to clinicians and practitioners who are locally based and licensed to provide relevant clinical services to individuals in their area.

Fields Center consultation begins with the development of a comprehensive curriculum for preschool, elementary, middle and high school age special needs students. All programs are supported by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodologies and address behavioral, social, academic, and general-life skills.

We also train staff on special teaching techniques, curriculum development, social skills training, and communication. Our assessment builds on the strengths and recognizes the weaknesses of an institution's learning environment.

Using the video conferencing technology, school teams are able to securely participate in many clinical and program development activities offered by Fields Center consultants such as:

  • Meetings or small group targeted trainings
  • Data and information sharing
  • Facilitated parent support groups
  • Clinical case reviews and recommendations

Fields Center also offers live and recorded professional development trainings on a variety of topics. The virtual training technology allows several teams to participate in training seminars from their home locations.

Professional Development (PD) trainings can cover a variety of topics in the areas of social and behavioral development, behavior analysis, as well as other related services areas. Competency-based assessments can be completed following the training to assess the effectiveness of the training.


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