Early Identification/Early Intervention

When an infant or toddler is diagnosed with or suspected of having a developmental delay or Autism Spectrum Disorder, they are entitled to an evaluation and treatment from an Early Intervention (EI) provider.  More information about EI:

Mass Division of Early Intervention

Learn the Signs. Act Early. Campaign

Zero to Three

Online Autism Resources- The web can be difficult to navigate when first hearing about a loved one's diagnosis.  Below are some websites that have proven to be helpful for families

Autism Speaks' First 100 Days Kit

Autism Society

OCALI Autism Center

Organization for Autism Research

Autism NOW



School Age/Special Education

From a child's 3rd birthday until they turn 22 years-old services are typically provided by the Office of Special Education in their Public School District. Navigating the Special Education system can be challenging for families.  The more educated families are the better they are able to advocate for their child or loved one.

Mass Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Autism Resource Page 

Wrightslaw Special Education Website

Autism Society IEP Guide

Autism Speaks IEP Guide

Autism Treatment Network (ATN) Parent's Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analyst Certification Board





When a person turns 22 or receives a High School Diploma the public school is no longer under obligation to provide services.  Services after 22 are typically provided through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or privately paid for.  Services at this age are not an entitlement and can often be difficult to secure.

Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health


Get help from the Fields Center...

When a child or loved one gets a diagnosis of autism there are often more questions than answers.  Fields Center's Family Navigation Program can help.