The Mission of Fields Center is to create communities at the local, regional and national level that are dedicated to supporting, educating and including individuals impacted by autism.  Fields Center advances that mission by offering innovative treatment centers and creating communities of support for individuals on the autism spectrum, their families and their treatment providers.  No matter who you are or how autism impacts your life, you have a home here.

Fields Center is a place where individuals with autism, their families and their treatment providers come together to create a community where individuals get better therapy, families get stronger support and treatment providers collaborate, feel part of a supportive community and build successful practices.

Our Founders' Story

When Jennifer Bogin met her first child with autism she knew he was truly special.  ‘Mitchell’ was a sweet engaging five-year-old boy with a full head of red hair and a love for all things Disney.  Jennifer quickly began learning from Mitchell and exploring the ways to teach him and connect with him.  That was the beginning of what would become a career path and personal journey throughout Jennifer’s life.

Throughout high school and college, Jennifer worked with many more children and learned about child psychology, special education and behavioral studies.  In 1998, Jennifer met and began working with another little boy named Edward.  Initially non-verbal, Edward had an amazing smile and a great laugh.  He enjoyed swinging and playing with sand, water and anything with wheels.  In the course of Edward's treatment, Jennifer was introduced to Applied Behavior Analysis and the use of Discrete Trial Training for teaching skills to young children with autism.  While Jennifer appreciated the progress Edward made with this approach, she also felt somewhat limited by the strict interpretations of ABA from the supervisor.  She decided it was time to learn more!  After moving to Western Massachusetts and completing a Master’s Degree in Behavioral Education from Simmons College Jennifer became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and went into private practice working with children, adults, families, agencies and schools throughout Massachusetts as an autism and behavior specialist.

Meet the Team


Jennifer Bogin, M.S.E.d, BCBA, LBA

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Bogin has been board certified as a behavior analyst since 2004.  Jennifer’s clinical methods are grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis with eclectic features that capitalize on intentional relationships and social routines.  Her direct services are often praised as being “exactly what [we] needed” and “meeting us where we were at.”  Having served 100s of individuals with autism and their families over her career, Jennifer is excited to start in her next endeavor as Fields Center Executive Director.

Email: jennifer@fieldscenter.org


Lynn Coalson, M.Ed, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Lynn Coalson is an accomplished professional with nineteen years of professional experience as an Occupational therapist.  Her skills and training add great value to the Fields Center as she embraces the holistic approach to serving individuals with sensory/motor needs, fine motor, visual motor, and visual perceptual deficits. Lynn has extensive experience working with students ranging in age from 2 years 5 months through 21 years of age. Encompassing a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.  She has many years of experience utilizing various Occupational therapy evaluation tools included sensory profiles.  Lynn has worked collaboratively with various disciplines using an interdisciplinary treatment approach to effectively meet the needs of children utilizing a consultative therapeutic model.  Lynn is thrilled to be working at the Fields Center with her good friends and colleagues.




Toni Bator, M.S.

Operations Consultant 

Toni Bator comes to the Fields Center with more than 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector and 16 years of leadership experience. She has spent her career working in the human service field and has worked with the most oppressed members of society. She has managed various administrative transitions, has multi-site management experience, and has worked with several agencies to provide cost effective solutions to various departments while enhancing quality services to clients. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from American International College, and she is currently enrolled in a Master of Science Leadership program at Norwich University. She is a trained mediator and her passion is leadership development. She was selected to participate in a global professional mastermind group through the Coaching for Leaders Academy and started a mastermind group at her own agency. When she is not spending time with her family she is playing tennis on a women’s USTA tennis league.

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