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Counseling and clinical services for you and your loved onenavigating care options, skill development, and support.
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For Professionals

High quality development training for specialists, schools, and other agencies serving individuals on the autism spectrum.
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About Fields Center

Expert support for individuals with autism and their caregivers in a committed, caring manner.
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"Jenn has a done a tremendous job engaging my children in conversation and teaching them social skills in this Covid time where they can't be social with friends. Her lessons have been organized, well constructed and involved each and every child in the group. It's great to see the kids have conversations in a group format!"

- Megan


"I didn’t think Telehealth was going to work for our child but Jenn helped us figure out new goals that we could work on. She has been flexible and creative in her thinking on how to achieve those goals. It has been so helpful to have someone who I can talk to about how to help my child through these trying times.”

- Melany


“We were really struggling when we first met Jenn, she helped up tremendously with behaviors in our home and getting us hooked up with the services we need.  Especially during this challenging time, her  help has been essential.  I wish all of my friends with difficult kids could see Jenn.”

- Val 


“Jenn was a gift that arrived on our doorstep just when we needed it and we will be forever grateful.  Where would we have been with no school sessions and no ABA during this awful time?

- Joan (Grandmother to Andrew)