Applied Behavior Analysis & Positive Behavior Support

Fields Center provides several programs with varying levels of intensity to meet the needs of families. All home-based programs are individualized and focus on teaching the parent to implement the interventions. A highly skilled behavioral interventionist provides instruction in an interactive format with both the parent and the individual.  Home-Based Consultation is available for families seeking intervention to develop a specific adaptive behavior (safety, toilet training, chores), or to address a particular problem behavior (aggression, elopement, challenging stereotypical behavior).  Following an initial interview, a Fields Center clinician, under the supervision of a BCBA, provides direct observation of the individual, conducts the appropriate behavioral assessments, and develops an intervention plan.  After reviewing the plan with the family and agreeing to its components, a Fields Center clinician works with the family to implement the plan, objectively measure changes in behavior, and evaluate the individual’s progress to address any necessary modifications.

School/ Program Consultation

Fields Center clinicians offer individualized high-quality consultation services based on Evidence-based and best practices in the fields of supports and services for individuals with ASD. Consultation can be child or system specific and tailored to the contractor’s needs. Consultation services are typically offered as an hourly service.

Professional Development

Fields Center clinicians are available to provide high-quality Professional Development trainings for schools, agencies and family groups across New England. Trainings are individualized for the needs of the contractor and flexible in terms of time, location and content.  All trainings are delivered in accordance with Evidence-Based and best practices for adult learners at all professional levels.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Health Disorders
  • Prompting independence (19 ways to ‘step back’)
  • Transition practices
  • Classroom instruction and management
  • Behavior management
  • Assessment and behavior plan development
  • Data driven goals and programming
  • Effective staff training
  • Best practices for working with paraprofessionals
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 23:  At Leaps and Bounds Occupational Therapy program in Washington, DC children with sensory processing disorder attend the day camp. This disorder impacts motor skills development.  Peter Hayes, 4, takes a turn on the tire swing. (Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)  StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on  Thu Jun 24 23:24:06 2010

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  • Support Groups (parents, siblings, spouses & community members) 
  • Diagnostic Assessments 
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine 
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Trainings
DDT Imitation

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